Six pitfalls of Amazon
2021-01-16 浏览 普通资讯        作者: admin

Most newcomers to Amazon, Xiaobai, will lose money and step on the pit. And a lot of sellers because of stepping on the pit on the collapse of the company. There are also a lot of people who are in debt because they are losing millions.

The first pit, do not superstition no brain distribution can be a single

Do not listen to sell ERP service providers tell you that only enough shop, you can out of the single, you can burst the single. These are people who don't understand. Because Amazon's self delivery is much more difficult than FBA. First of all, mass distribution is easy to infringe and kill shops. There is also the instability of the delivery supplier, Amazon issued a single, 1688 said there is no goods, will also lead to the store hang up. There are methods for real self delivery. To do well in self delivery, we should learn how to select products, control performance points and optimize the supply chain. It's not about quantity. And now ERP cost is not so high, tens of thousands, tens of thousands of training fees, software costs are cut leeks. Before I saw a group, they charged 120000 yuan a day for joining.

The second pit Xiaobai is easy to encounter. Don't do the Red Sea category. There are big sellers, brand dealers and black technology players. If you are a small seller who has just entered the industry, you will be hammered. You don't envy other people a hundred orders, a few hundred orders. Behind this is a strong supply chain, strong maintenance capacity, and abundant funds. You can't just see the surface and do it. It's about seeing the system capabilities behind the table and whether you have them. If you don't have it, you will die miserably. Like Bluetooth headset, data cable, and the home page is tens of thousands of comments, thousands of comments. It's hard to survive in this situation.

The third pit. The most important thing for novice Xiaobai to do Amazon is not to listen to the million dollar training course. It's all deceiving. He can teach you to pop orders in two days. It's just bullshit. To make Amazon's popular order, we need experience in selection, market positioning and operation strategy. It's impossible for those training institutions to say how much their sales will increase in two days. You really want to learn from Amazon. There are many cheap learning channels, such as buying books, online classes and so on. There's no need to spend tens of thousands of newspapers on one or two days of courses, learning to pay attention to cost performance. And now no organization can teach you particularly powerful operation technology, there are a lot of Internet users on the market. You can also choose to work in a cross-border e-commerce company to understand the whole system.

The fourth pit is not to buy tools. We've stepped in this pit, too. In fact, the data of product selection software is not allowed. We should not listen to the service providers. They think it is good to buy it. That's good. Buy that. We have bought a member before, and we can do out of station promotion. It cost more than 4000 yuan. As a result, the promotion result is very poor.

Fifth, we must calculate the period of goods preparation. We should not prepare more than once. We would rather replenish more than once. A lot of novices send hundreds of thousands of goods in the past, a single link, how long to sell out. The second principle is that it is better to be out of stock than to have more stock. Out of stock, you can immediately replenish, even if off for a few days can also sell their own delivery. And inventory unsalable words, you want to clear inventory is often the purchase price 30%, not including freight. There is also a risk that the link is uncontrollable. If you prepare the goods for two months, there may be a problem with the link. At this time, you have to clear the inventory.

In the sixth pit, when promoting a link, don't hold the idea that it can be pushed. You always think that you can get up by brushing more orders and burning more advertisements. In the end, you find that the more you lose, the more you want to give up. This is also because of sunk costs. I feel that I have invested in it and given up my previous investment in vain. In fact, this kind of thinking is wrong, we must stop loss in time. We need to set up a reasonable budget and stop investing immediately before the budget is spent.

(source: Sam Chen talks about cross border)